It is a pleasure to provide a character reference for Heidi Salmon,  current Mayoral candidate TMV.  Her enthusiasm and sincere interest in serving as Mayor is worthy of our attention. 
She presents an honorable and diverse profile; capable of guiding and representing our Town according to statutes and structural operations.  She is a leader and has demonstrated consistent loyalty and dedication to our community

Heidi is energetic, ambitious, trustworthy; a listener, analyzer, and stays on task until the job is complete.  She does not hesitate to accept a challenge and generates an energy of teamwork in whatever she undertakes. 
Your vote and trust in Heidi Salmon as our Mayor will promote positive interaction and provide future support for the  operations and preservation of our independent Town of Melbourne Village.
Sincerely,  Diane A Buyce,  TMV Resident


Heidi Salmon will make a wonderful mayor of Melbourne Village in part because efficiency and effectiveness is a core component of her daily living. She is extremely positive and has proven her trustworthiness over and over again. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I have never seen her back down from a challenge. She is indeed a grade A problem solver. I choose Heidi because I also want to make Melbourne Village the best it can possibly be.

L. O'Dell

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In preparing for this election, I am gathering personal  recommendations and written support.  Please feel free to use this form to submit your written words of support.

Heidi A. Salmon for Mayor, Melbourne Village
630 hammock rd melbourne village FL 32904
Telephone:  +1.321.266.8030


E-mail: heidiheidiann@gmail.com

To Donate to her campaign, make Checks payable to Heidi A. Salmon for MayorTMV  Melbourne Village,  and mail them to 630 Hammock Rd. Melbourne Village, FL 32904.   Thank you.


(321) 514-6785 

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Heidi A. Salmon